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Our school quality improvement system provides educators a complete picture of schools’ academic progress by showcasing state and locally-developed data in a way that is unique and innovative.

The system is broader than the state’s dashboard on test scores, graduation rates, chronic absenteeism, suspension rates, and data about English learners. It provides educators a clear view of progress by including locally-generated data on student-level academic growth, high school readiness, students’ social-emotional skills and schools’ culture climate.

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Espresso Merrell CT Bolt Mens Ridgepass Work Developed by educators and experts working with the CORE Districts, the system offers more and better information to help schools and teachers help students learn. Key principles include:

  • Information as “flashlight”: The multiple measures data system is designed to help school communities identify strengths to build upon and challenges to address. Supports and interventions are focused on building the capacity of schools through peer learning and collaborative action.
  • From a narrow focus to a holistic approach: The data system contains a broad range of measures including academic, social-emotional and culture-climate indicators.
  • Work CT Ridgepass Espresso Merrell Mens Bolt Making all students visible: At the heart of the data system is a focus on eliminating disparity and disproportionality. Results for any student group with 20 or more students are highlighted.
  • From just achievement to achievement and growth: The data system includes measures of individual student growth over time on state assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics.
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Merrell CT Work Espresso Mens Bolt Ridgepass rwrIHq Merrell CT Work Espresso Mens Bolt Ridgepass rwrIHq Merrell CT Work Espresso Mens Bolt Ridgepass rwrIHq