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  • I intensify
  • you intensify
  • he/she/it intensifies
  • we intensify
  • you intensify
  • they intensify


  • I intensified
  • you intensified
  • he/she/it intensified
  • we intensified
  • you intensified
  • they intensified

Present continuous

  • I am intensifying
  • you are intensifying
  • he/she/it is intensifying
  • we are intensifying
  • you are intensifying
  • they are intensifying

Present perfect


  • I will Nike Training Red Cool 3 Grey White Metcon Mens Shoes Black University intensify
  • you will intensify
  • he/she/it will intensify
  • we will intensify
  • you will intensify
  • they will intensify

Future perfect

  • I will have intensified
  • you will 3 Shoes Red Black Metcon Training Nike University White Cool Grey Mens haveintensified
  • he/she/it will Cool White Black Training Shoes 3 Mens Grey Nike Metcon Red University haveintensified
  • we will have intensified
  • you will University Nike White Metcon Cool Shoes 3 Mens Training Black Red Grey haveintensified
  • they will have intensified

Past continuous

  • I was intensifying
  • you were intensifying
  • he/she/it was intensifying
  • we were intensifying
  • you were intensifying
  • they were intensifying

Past perfect

  • I had intensified
  • you had intensified
  • he/she/it had intensified
  • we had intensified
  • you had intensified
  • they had intensified

Future continuous

  • I will be intensifying
  • you will be intensifying
  • he/she/it will be Black Nike Training 3 Red Mens Cool Metcon University Shoes White Grey intensifying
  • we will be intensifying
  • you will be intensifying
  • they will be intensifying

Present perfect continuous

Past perfect continuous

  • I had been intensifying
  • you had been intensifying
  • he/she/it Red Mens Grey Training Cool White Nike Metcon 3 Shoes University Black hadbeen intensifying
  • we had been intensifying
  • Metcon 3 Black Cool Training Nike Mens Grey University Red White Shoes youhad been intensifying
  • they had been intensifying

Future perfect continuous


  • intensify
  • let's intensify
  • intensify


  • to intensify

Perfect Participle

  • having intensified
intensify verb conjugation to all tenses, modes and persons.
Search the definition and the translation in context for “ intensify”, with examples of use extracted from real-life communication.
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