The Petrol Show

Hooker Turds

Poop Calls

2-2-13 show. Jin, Cobra, Lysol and Ken make poop calls.


Brent and friends make some Australians cry. Again.

Ice Cream

Brent wants some icecream!


Wanker Malakas

Impromptu show. Brent attempts to order Greek shit from some Malakas. A guy with a craigslist ad gets upset and makes strange noises. Brent angers some bahn chods and disrupts the morning of some UK wankers.

Harold’s Baptisms

Triquel calls Harold for a Baptism

House for Rent

Brent wants to Rent.


Body Shop Aloha

Brent and the gang call for some car repairs and even make a couple of calls to Hawaii. (This was actually recorded before The Brent Westwood Show existed and most of the calls don’t go through.)